This is the best night ever.

Soooo was just having a catch up sesh with tessa,
It’s funny how we’re just so darn happy now, when the call was supposed to be a “Cheer tessa up” call.

I’m just so glad that tessa’s always around.
Like today for example, I don’t have to tell her anything for her to know because she’s with me when i experience it?
Yknow what i’m saying?

Great things happened to both of us on twitter/whatsapp tonight and I guess that’s just great.
Like both of us can actually be happy for ourselves and each other as well.

Oh well (‘:

Just needed to remember this day in case i forgot.

Xx, Ju.


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I guess i’m different.

There are different types of people in the world,
Reverse psychology works well on some, and completely doesn’t work at all on some.

I’m part of the latter some.

Say someone says you’re stupid…
You’d obviously work hard to prove to them you’re not…

I’ve had enough. There’s no point trying to please anyone – not anymore.
I think all i’ll ever be is a disappointment.

If you put me down, i’m just going to believe you.
I’m going to believe i’m not worth it, stupid, and ugly.

Next time, before you put someone down, think.
Could this hurt? could this affect someone in a bad way…

You can never really take back what you say.

“How can I believe you when you say i’m beautiful, when the people who are obliged to think i’m beautiful, don’t?”

Surprise surprise…

Woke up on the right side of bed today!

The blueberries were going to take me out… but i didn’t know where.
I kinda don’t know how i did but it hit me that we were going to the zoo after awhile cause they said meet at AMK?
and i know that there’s a direct bus from AMK to the zoo…
Oh well, we went there. Just Bran, Vern, Fiq, Zat and I cause i’m guessing the others couldn’t make it!

Anyway, great day at the zoo… Zat will send me the photos so photos up another day.

We met for dinner! Teppanyaki! Great stuff…
Expensive, but good.

Overall i had a great day and kudos to the blueberried for (trying to) surprise(ing) me!

I’ve never had a surprise before!!

Till next time,
Xx, Ju.

Happy Birthday Charlotte,

Rachel’s younger sister Charlotte has just turned seventeen!

Did not manage to successfully surprise her since when she came down we were still lighting the candles, but she liked it still. I think!

Here’s a link to her Birthday video!

The plan was for her to answer my phone, and it would appear at the video which was on my phone…
and at the end of the video, it would tell her to go down to the void deck and there we would be to surprise her!
I’ve already edited the video so it includes pictures of her surprise!

When things don’t go right, go left.

So I’m finally home after 4 days of house sitting, i think?

Back cause I’m sick and I think i’m better off at home.

Anyway, watched Taken 2 with De yesterday…
The show wasn’t as good as the first show, but good nonetheless.

Met tessa for dinner and had a H2h with her, as usual ❤

I’m really really grateful for Tessa,
She’s ALWAYS been there.
Not an on off friend, but permanent and I like permanent.

It even helps that we were sort of brought up pretty similarly. ^.^

So yup. That’s about all that went down yesterday (:

Xx, Ju.


Sooooo… I turned 18 a few days ago.
On the 6th of October to be exact.
So.. I’m legal. 😀

On the 5th, I had a BBQ dinner at my place. Called really few people. It was fun nonetheless.

Rachel and family got me doc marts. Told her not to waste money but I guess she really thought I was worth it. I’m really touched (‘:

My other presents were fantastic too! For cute lantern lights from de, a stuffed animal, daily scripture( i really like this), a bag, bracelet, accessories, money!!

On the night of My birthday, I went clubbing for the first time in my life. Hahaha it was a good experience (:

So uhm yup. I kinda did a lot of things that I should be regretting, but I don’t because.. I don’t (: I think it’s a good experience.

A scene from that night keeps playing over and over in my head and I can’t forget it. Oh well (:

I ended up kissing a lot of people that night. And holding hands with a lot of people. I should really get a grip of myself! I get high almost too easily. But never for long! And I don’t really get drunk so I guess that’s good on my part and that confirms that ill always be pretty safe (:

Oh well had a great night and I’m really thankful for all my friends and thankful towards the cool kids for showing me a hell of a good time!