Boys, Boys, Boys.

Okay, here it goes…
The list of things I like in guys (‘:

Thin Lips
Skinny, but not too skinny.
Plays a musical instrument
Good teeth
Nice eyebrows
Minimal facial hair (unless he can pull it off like Adam Levine)
Smells good
Big eyes
Double eye lids
Dimples, please.
Looks good when he does lip bites and side smiles
Uhm I like detached earlobes, cause I don’t want my child to have one side attached, one side detached.
Fit (Pes A, Commando please – If you’re Singaporean)
Catholic (Preferably)
Nice smile
Loves his family
Shows concern for me (‘:
Tan (as in skin colour, not surname)
Loves kids
Great sense of Humor
Knows his limits
Listens to me, (but fighting back is acceptable sometimes cause it’s cute like that!)
Sporty – just cause i want him to have nice legs
Great style – dressing
RICH – Hahah i’m kidding, but that would be every girls dream (:
Mature (but childish at times, cause it’s cute too!)
Takes relationships seriously (Thinks far, and not just about here and now.)
Has cute little nicknames for me (:
Buys me foood!!! I’ll love you forever
Drives…. 😀
Sensitive… Not like PMS-y but like, has emotions.
I don’t know… SO MUCH MORE (‘: HAHAHHA
I’ll post again when I can think of more.

Xx, Ju.


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