So I’ve never really talked about my work have I?

I’m currently working in Marina Bay Sands under Transportation.
My job is to key in notes and dispatch cars, and for that simple job, I get paid pretty darn well I should say.
Alongside that, we have to answer phone calls and constantly listen to the walkie talkie.
Thanks to that, my multi-tasking skills have improved tremendously.

About the people at work?
Apart from the part timers and those in the office, they mostly have very little education.
And a large handfull of them are malaysians.
Yes. Men.
Pervertic at times, but fun at most.

I really like how at my work place, when they see each other, they’d shoult “Power ah (Insert name here)!”
It’s a really good source of encouragement.

The place can be hell at times, but i think i really like that place and it’ll be sad when I have to leave them.
I know that time will come soon, but let’s just not think about it (‘:

Xx, Ju.


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