Just keep swimming,

So my life isn’t at its best because of SOME issues…
But a little fishy once told me to just keep swimming (:

I did just that..

I went swimming, with Tessa! (‘: Hahahahha took it a bit too literally huh?

So I met Tessa for a day at the club! My first swim date ever, I think?
Unfortunately De had dance(poor girl is dancing everyday) and Shannon the superstar had filming.
We swam… Tessa’s idea of swimming is playing with water. Hahahah and she’s so cute when she swims half the pool and walks the other half (‘: Oh that little girl.
Whatever weight we “lost”, we definitely put on eating the food we ordered.
But what matter’s is that we had fun, lots of it!!

After the club, we went to her place to chill.
Taught her what little I knew of the guitar and also did a fair job ear-tuning her uke, (which neither she nor her sister, charlotte, know how to play. They’re just pampered!) but i’ll teach her if i can!
Met her grandmother, grandfather, mother, dad, and younger brother(max), today. It’s like meet Tessa’s family day or something.
Had real good tom yam ban mian at the coffee shop below her place!

When it was time to go, we dropped Max and herself off at their training centre, then her parents so kindly sent me home…
all the way to Serangoon!! (‘:

Overall, I had a really good day and I hope we can spend more time together like this (‘:

Xx, Ju.


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