Weekends never stay long do they?

So what did I do over the weekend?

Saturday was ‘Take Jeselle to sailing’ Day.
It was horrible. Almost died waiting for a cab~
Ashley and I walked about a kilometer before we got one and boy were we relieved…
I almost puked and fainted due to the heat.
On the plus side,
my ingenious plan of having Jeselle hop in the cab instead of waiting another two hours for another cab,
got even more ingenious when Naomi’s hot ass dad couldn’t get a cab,
and requested for me to drop him and her off at the nearest place where they could get one.
I almost died… but yes I know he’s a dad, I know my limits.

Met Tessa for mass at OLPS,
Went to Tamp for dinner at LENAS after…
Proud to see my sister and one of my bestest poly friends getting along so well (‘:
They really hit it off.


Denise and Shannon came to serangoon to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Dog days.
Funny show, that one.
After that, we headed to my place because nex it THAT boring…
Well, nothing much to do at my place anyway~~~
But we made it through..
Overall, I had a good weekend and i’m so blessed to have so many loving friends (‘:


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