Boys, Boys, Boys.

Okay, here it goes…
The list of things I like in guys (‘:

Thin Lips
Skinny, but not too skinny.
Plays a musical instrument
Good teeth
Nice eyebrows
Minimal facial hair (unless he can pull it off like Adam Levine)
Smells good
Big eyes
Double eye lids
Dimples, please.
Looks good when he does lip bites and side smiles
Uhm I like detached earlobes, cause I don’t want my child to have one side attached, one side detached.
Fit (Pes A, Commando please – If you’re Singaporean)
Catholic (Preferably)
Nice smile
Loves his family
Shows concern for me (‘:
Tan (as in skin colour, not surname)
Loves kids
Great sense of Humor
Knows his limits
Listens to me, (but fighting back is acceptable sometimes cause it’s cute like that!)
Sporty – just cause i want him to have nice legs
Great style – dressing
RICH – Hahah i’m kidding, but that would be every girls dream (:
Mature (but childish at times, cause it’s cute too!)
Takes relationships seriously (Thinks far, and not just about here and now.)
Has cute little nicknames for me (:
Buys me foood!!! I’ll love you forever
Drives…. 😀
Sensitive… Not like PMS-y but like, has emotions.
I don’t know… SO MUCH MORE (‘: HAHAHHA
I’ll post again when I can think of more.

Xx, Ju.



So I’ve never really talked about my work have I?

I’m currently working in Marina Bay Sands under Transportation.
My job is to key in notes and dispatch cars, and for that simple job, I get paid pretty darn well I should say.
Alongside that, we have to answer phone calls and constantly listen to the walkie talkie.
Thanks to that, my multi-tasking skills have improved tremendously.

About the people at work?
Apart from the part timers and those in the office, they mostly have very little education.
And a large handfull of them are malaysians.
Yes. Men.
Pervertic at times, but fun at most.

I really like how at my work place, when they see each other, they’d shoult “Power ah (Insert name here)!”
It’s a really good source of encouragement.

The place can be hell at times, but i think i really like that place and it’ll be sad when I have to leave them.
I know that time will come soon, but let’s just not think about it (‘:

Xx, Ju.

Just keep swimming,

So my life isn’t at its best because of SOME issues…
But a little fishy once told me to just keep swimming (:

I did just that..

I went swimming, with Tessa! (‘: Hahahahha took it a bit too literally huh?

So I met Tessa for a day at the club! My first swim date ever, I think?
Unfortunately De had dance(poor girl is dancing everyday) and Shannon the superstar had filming.
We swam… Tessa’s idea of swimming is playing with water. Hahahah and she’s so cute when she swims half the pool and walks the other half (‘: Oh that little girl.
Whatever weight we “lost”, we definitely put on eating the food we ordered.
But what matter’s is that we had fun, lots of it!!

After the club, we went to her place to chill.
Taught her what little I knew of the guitar and also did a fair job ear-tuning her uke, (which neither she nor her sister, charlotte, know how to play. They’re just pampered!) but i’ll teach her if i can!
Met her grandmother, grandfather, mother, dad, and younger brother(max), today. It’s like meet Tessa’s family day or something.
Had real good tom yam ban mian at the coffee shop below her place!

When it was time to go, we dropped Max and herself off at their training centre, then her parents so kindly sent me home…
all the way to Serangoon!! (‘:

Overall, I had a really good day and I hope we can spend more time together like this (‘:

Xx, Ju.

Weekends never stay long do they?

So what did I do over the weekend?

Saturday was ‘Take Jeselle to sailing’ Day.
It was horrible. Almost died waiting for a cab~
Ashley and I walked about a kilometer before we got one and boy were we relieved…
I almost puked and fainted due to the heat.
On the plus side,
my ingenious plan of having Jeselle hop in the cab instead of waiting another two hours for another cab,
got even more ingenious when Naomi’s hot ass dad couldn’t get a cab,
and requested for me to drop him and her off at the nearest place where they could get one.
I almost died… but yes I know he’s a dad, I know my limits.

Met Tessa for mass at OLPS,
Went to Tamp for dinner at LENAS after…
Proud to see my sister and one of my bestest poly friends getting along so well (‘:
They really hit it off.


Denise and Shannon came to serangoon to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Dog days.
Funny show, that one.
After that, we headed to my place because nex it THAT boring…
Well, nothing much to do at my place anyway~~~
But we made it through..
Overall, I had a good weekend and i’m so blessed to have so many loving friends (‘: