Exams have ended, holidays have begun!

Today mum messaged me to tell me we’re going on a really unprepared for, trip to Bali.
And I have mixed feelings about this, but I think i’m going to enjoy this in the end.

So how has life been?
Recently, we (KC friends) celebrated Christopher’s birthday, and damn i have not had so much fun since forever. But i really regret doing some things, so…. yeah.

Other than that highlight, School’s out.


But it’s sad knowing I won’t get to see De, Tessa and Pang for like almost everyday.

They’ve become a huge part of my life and i don’t even want them to leave. )’:
I feel like i’m a better person when i’m with them.
It’s not that I become bad when i’m with my other friends, but i guess you’ll have to be me to know what i mean…

Oh and back to work for me! It’s be first day back at work since the OP and i’m just so glad to knw that i’m not lazy and i’m (apart from dancing) back on track again! ❤

Okayyyy~ so. yup. that’s all i guess.
Gotta pack for Bali.

Will post pictures when i’m back.
I don’t even know if i have an audience cause i refuse to tell anyone of this blog, but if you exist…
You may wait for my pictures to appear ❤ 

Xx, Ju.


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