I think i’ll try defying gravity,

My cousin did an awesome cover of the rock version of ‘Defying Gravity’, the song in the wicked musical.
Really really good.

Besides that, I’m currently preparing for a Marketing presentation which i have to do alone because i was absent on the day that my group did it )’: But i’d rather do it by myself than burden them soo… yup.

Lets say at about 3 mins ago, i was at my lowest for today.
I actually felt pretty hurt. like. yeah.
But oh well, these things do happen.
Some people will stay, some people will go.
Some people will use you, some people won’t.
Some people will only be present in your success and absent in your struggle,
and some people will just make you an option – for only when they’re bored.

You only learn these things the hard way, don’t you?

Anyway, I won’t let this ruin my already fantastic day… i’ll just sleep it off (‘:


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