On a saturday by the sea, oh you should have seen my sweetie and me,

Woke up early today to take Jeselle to sailing class,
it’s cute, really.

This girl has too much to do, from gym to sailing to whatever not, and hardly any time to study.

I really hope she realises that studying is important soon, that or she becomes an athlete.

After that, we had lunch at i12katong and then home then out again for dinner at night at the place where we usually go for bachormee and xlbs.

That was today.

Anything I need to rant about? Yes.

I don’t know why, but i’ve been feeling pretty lonely recently.
And that’s not unusual, but what is, is that i don’t know who i need.

Back then, when ‘boyfriends’ were the cool thing to have, I always had someone in mind,
If it were to end, someone new would appear in my head. That’s probably how bad I was.
And i’d go to sleep to a goodnight text every night, or with hopes that someone i liked would like me back.

Not today.

I just lost it, I have zero interest in love. And i’ve been saying that for awhile now,
but i’ll let you in on something, It hasn’t always been true…
I did have a crush on someone near the first quarter of the year. I’m guessing since i said when, you can pretty much guess where and how this crush developed and i’m sure guessing who it is, wouldn’t be very hard. But i still won’t say who.

I’ve given up on that though, figured it was too childish, and that school was IS so much more important. And that this person, deserves so much better and so much for than I have to offer.

Now that you know i’m not “boy crazy” anymore, i just want to address the fact that i’m an attention seeking whore and i need to constantly know that someone cares about me or something like that, I don’t know what it is i want, ugh. this is tough.

I was about to post a blog post about my experience with the show something borrowed, but i accidentally clicked something wrong and there was no draft saved ( that’s th bad thing about wordpress. )
Well, if that was posted, you’d know roughly why I’m feeling kind of ‘Meh‘.

Oh well, that’s probably all i can say in a blog right, incase any friends find this shit.
Hahahaa, goodnight and goodbye.


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