On the 4th of August 2012,
I was headed for Clement Coutou’s (Probably the sweetest baby in the world) 1st birthday party.
Didn’t have much to eat before that, but i figured it wouldn’t matter since I was going to a BBQ anyway.

On the busride there, I had a sudden ache in my tummy.
I figured it was the norm, the norm being gastric.
So yes, I have a bit of a gastric problem.
When i arrived, I went to see the birthday boy and Anna first, but we headed down for food soon after.
Didn’t tell anyone of the pain because i thought it would ease after I had food. It didn’t.

The pain got from bad to worse and was soon excruciating. 
Finally let anna know i was in pain and Cheryl and Cyril gave me something to take to ease the pain.

This gastric thing has happened before and so I called mum to ask her to fetch me as i wasn’t feeling well.

Thinking i should just go home and take the medicine that was given to me the last time this happened, I told them to head straight home.

I don’t know exactly what happened after that, but i found myself at the doctors. Mum must have convinced me to go to the doctors in the car ride home. 
When the doctor saw me and examine me. He asked to explain where my pains were and when I did, he told me that this was more than gastric, he suspected appendicitis.

So they took me to the hospital, Mount Alvernia, and I was put on a bed to rest.
Next thing i know, a doctor came in to examine me and confirmed that i did in fact, have acute appendicitis.
A sweet sweet nurse – Magdalene Yuen, I still remember looking hard at the name tag because I wanted to thank her so much for being such a sweet lady, which i didn’t get to, – told me i had to be warded and soon i was headed to a single bed room. Thanks to my father who loves me so so so much (:

On a lighter note, something funny did happen on my way to the room.

An indian helper wheeled me to my room on a wheelchair. When we arrived at the room, he tried so so hard to open the door but couldn’t. Then my dad was like, “are you sure this is the room? It reads switch room!” I looked up and the panel on the door really did read switch room. My room, room 106, was on the left. As stupid as it was, it was funny.

Jokes aside, I was supposed to be discharged on monday, but ended up staying till wednesday due to the slow recovery of my body.
My stay there was rather pleasant and I’m so thankful to some of the nurses there (‘:

So yes, i just got home from the hospital today, and i’m missing home more than ever.

I did find out something terrible though….

I’m on PE MC for 3 months.
Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that Dance is my life.
I don’t know how i will cope being away from dance for three months,
And it’s depressing thinking of the weight i’ll put on with no exercise…

Oh well, there’s nothing much i can do about it right, 
What has happened, has happened. And things happen for a reason.
As Leland said, “Something good will come out of this.” and I hope something does.
I’m pretty sure he got that from someone else, but i’m too lazy to give proper credits.

Whatever it is, I know God is by my side and he won’t let me fall.
Thanks for being there for me through it all (‘:

I Love You.

And to my friends and family who have gone through this shocking and pretty unfortunate period of my life, 
I thank you for being there for me, and i’m forever grateful for you all (‘: I love you guys too!


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